Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you looking to be found on the first page of a Google search? With well planned Search Engine Optimization, that is possible, even without paid ads. SEO is the best way to impact search engine result rankings.

Website maintenance and upkeep

Websites require constant upkeep. For example WordPress -based websites have plugins that update quite often. Keeping your plugins updated keeps the website more secure and working smoothly. SEO also needs periodical check-ups, as Googles search algorithm keeps changing every so often.

New website or giving the old ones a facelift

Do you require completely new website or is your old website a bit dented and it needs polishing? Optimust can help you design new website or update the old one per your wishes. Modern site that functions correctly keeps your visitors interested. Also SEO can be configured both technically and content-wise. For hosting we recommend Domainhotelli -services. Link is in the lower part of this site.

Instruction and guidance

As a small business owner, I do understand that there are a lot of small and/or beginner business owners, who do not have the luxury to spend thousands upon thousands to websites. Our goal here at Optimust is that we give you the tools to update and maintain your own websites after handing them over to you.

Information Security

Information security or the lack of it can get costly. Optimust guides you in matters relating to information security, finds the best solutions and instructs on the implementation and use.

Other ICT & infosec -related work and consulting

We also provide other smaller or bigger ICT and information security related work. If you're wondering about CCTV -systems or its legality for example, do not hesitate to contact us.

Example of a project timeline

Contact and assessment of needs

After contacting us, we check your website in the role of a potential customer / regular visitor. We take notes on what is good and what needs updating.

Technical assessment

After the initial assessment, we check the technical side of your website, the functionalities, SEO status etc.

Price estimate

With the help of previous assessment, we come up with a fair price on the work that is needed.

Working the magic

We make the changes that were agreed on.


After the changes, we go through (if you wish so) on how you can keep your websites up-to-date and how to add content.


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