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Web page editing and maintenance, as well as search engine optimization, is difficult to define directly in regards of pricing. The final price is influenced by many different factors. Below are some things to take in to account when considering the final budget. The list is in no way exhaustive, but a few examples of what you should think about. Our intention would be to help you to take care of these things yourself in the future , until you get the cash flow in order to be able to start paying for continued service. Of course, we also offer a continuous maintenance service, under contract.

The website must of course be hosted through a service provider. We prefer the services of Domainhotelli Ltd due to clear and affordable pricing, as well as for reliability of service.

Note. We prefer the WordPress platform, because after the initial difficulties, its use and maintenance is very diverse, but also easy. The web is packed with a variety of publishing platforms that shine with ease, but often also crush the websites uniqueness with limited customization options. WordPress, through its plugins, can be easily customized to exactly what the customer is hoping for, while still maintaining the easy to use -aspect. WordPress allows you to make easy and unique pages with the assistance of customized themes and plugins.

Remember, contacting us doesn’t cost anything!

New Web pages
  • Web Page size
  • Content (are you importing or do you need it done)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Tutorial for self-performed maintenance tasks
  • Do you need forms, interactive parts etc:
  • Domain (. fi,. com, etc.) and website hosting
Web page editing and maintenance
  • Baseline and desired result
  • Number of pages to add
  • Content and search engine optimization
  • Number of maintenance tasks
  • Tutorial for self-performed maintenance tasks
  • Domain, website server and upkeep for them
Search engine optimization
  • Current optimization status
  • Search results (which keywords you want your pages to be found with)
  • Future optimization updates
  • Desired outcome (is there a lot of competition with desired keywords, do other companies pay for visibility)

General Hourly Rate €40 + VAT €49.6 incl. 24% VAT

Price examples of project and ongoing work, prices incl. VAT.

Search engine optimization, WordPress, couple pages

Includes basic settings, such as the title and the short content narration for the desired search words displayed on the pages search engine results (metadata). Content review and guidance for necessary changes in content, such as adding images, links etc. and instructions for using the desired keyword in the content. Actual production of content according to a separate price list (small changes possible at no additional cost). Installing the necessary plugins for self-guided search engine optimization. Working time about 3h.

Price: €100

In addition, a broader guidance on actual measures, for example, 2h per hour price list.

WordPress site maintenance, existing website

Contains i.e. Search engine optimization status checking, backing up and updating plugins and the main WP program. Small changes in search engine optimization included in the price, but big changes, for example, extensive changes in Google’s search engine algorithm according to a separate price list. The price is determined by the agreed tasks and only on the principle of actual completed work. If only need to check the situation (eg 15min in time), billed only €10 + VAT. If you want, you can receive a monthly report of the work (Excel spreadsheet) with work hours directly to your e-mail.

10 – €100/month
New webpage, WordPress

Contains the design of the webpage with the client, the theme selection and the installation of the necessary plugins. The production of content is difficult to give an exact price in a generic manner, so it is done according to a separate agreement. However, the price includes the basic settings for Search engine optimization based on the desired search terms (keywords), and how to use the keywords when generating content. The price also includes settings for backing up and updating. Logo design can be done if desired through a partner.

€250 + Content

If you need a domain and website hosting (Webhotel), we can do that for a separate price. Acquiring these won’t usually take long (about. 1-11/2h), however, their actual price is determined by the supplier of the desired services and the actual services you require.

For example, Domainhotelli Ltd. (prices incl. VAT):

  • .fi -domain €9/year
  • “3 Stars Web hosting” – First year €24 and in the future €50/year.

– 25 Email accounts
– 250Gb/month traffic


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